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About Us

Peerless Construction is a full-service roofing construction company specializing in complete restoration works. We pride ourselves on being more than just roofing contractors. Our experts go above and beyond to exceed clients’ expectations and develop long-lasting relationships with them. With us, you’ll discover the greatest level of craftsmanship, executed by a supervised staff and backed by years of unrivaled service and knowledge. At Peer Construction, we take pride in everything we do and utilize the best quality roofing materials and state-of-the-art technology for our services. Contact us today to get the best roofing & construction services in Texas!

Why Should You Consider a Home Inspection?

Huge Investment

For many people, a house is the largest purchase, which is why insurance is so important. Most insurance companies recommend homes be inspected after every large storm.

Early Detection of Problems

Many large issues with roof damage, i.e., leaks, missing shingles, & rotten wood, can be spotted long before they become significant problems. The only way to know your roof is healthy and functional is to have a competent professional inspect it regularly.

No Cost, No Obligation

Our roof inspections are quick and painless. They are 100% free and require no obligations on your part. All we ask is you review any pictures of damage we take.


Here in the DFW area, we get a lot of large storms which bring damaging wind and hail. Once a roof is compromised, mold is almost guaranteed. Mold is a major health concern.

Consider a Home Inspection

Meet the team!

We work hard to achieve the highest standards in everything we do. Our company prides itself on being family-oriented with impeccable values. Everything we do, we do to provide for our families while helping the families of our community.

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Andrew Quinn

Co-owner/ Sales Manager

I started roofing after being taken advantage of as a homeowner. I wanted to learn everything I could about a broken industry and make sure others didn’t fall victim as I did. Kandace and I established Peerless Construction after working for other companies and learning that you have to fix problems from the top and foster an honest relationship within the company to treat customers that way. I am a Veteran of the Navy and also served my community as a volunteer Firefighter.
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Kandace Ledig


I approached founding Peerless Construction with a clear goal; to improve lives. I have many years of management experience and use that to ensure every job is completed to the highest standards. I am passionate about the outdoors and enjoy my free time caring for my horses with my three girls.

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